Submission to Southern Region RSES

Source: An Taisce

8th March 2019
Submission Summary

The overriding environmental issues facing the Region and relevant objectives can be
summarised as follows:

  • Climate Mitigation to achieve the level of emissions reduction action required under the Paris Agreement 2015 at Regional level.
  • Climate adaptation to the increased storm and flood and animal fodder impact which the Region will face with global temperature average increase reaching 1.5 degrees.
  • Applying UN Sustainable Development Goals (“SDGs”) at Regional level and UN New Urban Agenda to larger urban centres.
  • Enhancing food security as well as low carbon and local food production networks.
  • Achieving health and wellbeing standards with regard to access to clean air and water, services and recreation.
  • Reducing resource consumption and waste generation advancing Circular Economy principles.
  • Addressing the level of habitats and species with “Bad” or “Unfavourable “status as evaluated under the Habitats Directive.
  • Poor food security and over-dependence on beef and dairy exports, which is having adverse biodiversity, water and ammonia impact, as well as on climate emissions.
  • Ocean acidification, ocean plastic dispersal, and meeting marine eco system protection obligations of Marine Strategy Framework Directive (“MSFD”).
  • Meeting EU Directives and other obligations on air, water quality, waste, nitrates and other chemicals.
  • Addressing unsustainable settlement and transport generation patterns.
  • Meeting objectives of Council of Europe Conventions on landscape, archaeology and architectural heritage.
  • Enhancing general quality of life standards, such as reduction in commuting time and access to parks, recreational and sporting facilities.
  • Giving consideration to all, including wellbeing of children and an aging population.