Chocolate lust is ruining West African rainforests

A report reveals that major chocolate companies buy cocoa from illegally-cleared national parks in Ghana and Ivory Coast. As if you needed another reason to...

Kids’ pesticide exposure as bad for lungs as secondhand smoke

Study finds California kids living in agricultural areas have a hard time breathing. Back in 2001, researchers at the University of California, Berkeley began looking...

Ancient people farmed the Amazon 4,500 years ago … and they did it better...

The jungle wasn't untouched rainforest after all.

Copenhagen’s famous rooftop farm may have to close because it has no parking

And we think that the city is so progressive, yet they can't seem to figure this out.

On Thanksgiving, crops are rotting in the field because of trade wars

We tell our kids not to waste food, but our governments are wasting shocking amounts of it thanks to tit for tat tariffs.

The humble pea is America’s favorite new crop

Demand for plant-based protein is driving rapid growth, while crops like corn and soy stagnate.

Could beef farmers reduce their methane emissions?

If we're not all going to go vegan overnight, what else can we do to reduce methane from cows?

How a 1% surcharge on restaurant bills can help fight climate change

It's a curious reversal of the farm-to-table movement.

700 chocolate bars could reduce packaging on delicious treats

Nestlé has 700 chocolate bars sitting on shelves, degrading. If that seems like a terrible waste, consider the cause. The 700 chocolates represent different packaging...

Easy weeding: How to make a DIY strap hoe from salvaged materials

I recently rediscovered my oscillating or scuffle hoe, which had been tucked away in our basement for way too long. And now I am...

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